Since 1925

The Australian Gas Association

AGA is a member based, not-for-profit industry association which exists only for the betterment of the gas and related industries.

“AGA was born for the gas industry and is approaching 100 years old!”

AGA, and its predecessor organisations, date back to 1925 when the National Gas Association (NGA) was formed and the first gas appliance codes were written by the NGA. In 1962, the NGA and the Australian Gas Institute merged to form the Australian Gas Association (AGA). The AGA is a highly regarded professional organisation recognised nationally and internationally for its industry related activities, including, but not limited to, Product Certification, Testing, Standards writing, Calibration and incident investigations.

Since 1962, the AGA has been involved in the development and continuous improvement of its services, simultaneously playing a key role in assisting the gas and related industries develop highly regarded safety standards for testing and certifying domestic, commercial and industrial appliances, components and other ancillary equipment.

In addition to gas product certification and testing, AGA’s services also include accredited laboratory performance testing for selected products, certification of LPG cylinders, cartridges, test stations and plumbing products.

More recently AGA has launched the AGA Showroom along with the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme for the purpose of promoting consumer safety and the need for regular gas appliance servicing.

AGA Certification Holder members who would like to list their products on the AGA Showroom please email or contact your Client Manager