The AGA Showroom

The AGA Showroom is where gas product suppliers sell their products directly to the Australian community.

Gas appliances listed on the AGA Showroom all hold current AGA Certifications as assessed independently by the Australian Gas Association.

Browse the AGA Showroom before you buy a gas heater, a gas barbecue, a gas cooker or any domestic or commercial catering gas appliance.

Some gas appliances are available for direct purchase, or click through the listing for purchasing locations!

AGA Showroom Features


Peace of Mind

Independently checked and certified by AGA

Intuitive Search

Find the right gas product for you with ease

Sort and Filter

Search, sort and filter by specific product specific features

On Sale Options

Find products offered for sale by AGA Showroom Suppliers

Message Suppliers

Message suppliers directly through the online messaging portal

Save your favourite products

Save all your favourite products for future review or purchase

iOs & Android Apps

Download the AGA Showroom iOs or Android app for ease of use

Email Alerts

Stay on top of messages and orders with our instant email alerts


Suppliers on the AGA Showroom are Australian Gas Association members who all hold current AGA Certifications for the gas appliances they have listed. The AGA members can choose to either sell gas appliances direct through the Showroom, or direct users to specific websites of their choice.

Easy Listing

The AGA Showroom portal offers an intuitive interactive dashboard where listing is seemless.

Management of Listing

Product listings encompass unique photos, technical details, sale prices, bulk buying and more!

Communicate With Customers

Have the opportunity to answer any questions your customers may have through our messaging portal

Track Product Sales

If selling direct, a detailed order tracking system through the dashboard is available.

About AGA

AGA is a not-for-profit industry association and one of its principal purposes is to provide selected safety assurance and energy efficiency services for the gas and related industries. We now host the AGA Showroom for the betterment of the gas industry and the safety of the Australian community.

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“Whether you are buying gas barbecue, a gas heater, a gas cooker or any other gas product, make sure you check the AGA Showroom first!”