The AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme launched 1st Sep 2020

Become an AGA Listed Gas Fitter

Hosted by The Australian Gas Association for the Industry

For the first time since 1925 Gas Fitters can join AGA for the benefit of the gas industry through national safety campaigns

AGA Listed Gas Fitter Benefits include...

Licensed to use AGA Logo

AGA Listed Gas Fitters will be individually licensed to use the trusted AGA Logo for marketing purposes

Be Informed

AGA Listed Gas Fitters will be exclusively receiving the monthly AGA Gas Fitter Digest


With every AGA Showroom sale, AGA Listed Gas Fitters are promoted to customers for lead generation


Listed on AGA's Gas Fitter Showroom Directory where customers can use to find licensed gas fitters

Choose Work Location

Change work location through the dashboard at any time depending on where Gas Fitters would like to work

Work Generation

The safety campaigns AGA will be running will include a heavy focus of regular servicing

No additional hidden fees, no lead fee

For Our Gas Industry

The AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme has been in development over the last two years in response to industry market research and feedback. It has been developed in conjunction with the AGA Showroom, which is a platform designed to complement the new Scheme and enhance consumer awareness about the safe use of gas and gas appliances.

The Scheme has been designed to achieve a number of benefits for our industry, including enhancing public awareness that only licensed gas fitters should be used for gas appliance installation, and increasing consumer awareness of the need for regular gas appliance servicing. In addition, the Scheme will heavily focus on the promotion of licensed AGA Listed Gas Fitters to the Australian community.

Join the AGA Community

The Australian Gas Association (AGA) has a long and proud history of serving the Australian gas industry dating back to 1925 as a membership-based industry association. We have been known as the The Australian Gas Association since 1962, when the National Gas Association and the Australian Gas Institute merged.

It’s important to note the many reasons AGA was established. The most noteworthy include, consumer safety, the development of our gas Standards, approval/certification of gas products and promoting the gas industry.

our vision

Given our roots and make up in being not-for-profit and membership based, our primary objective is “consumer safety” rather than being “profit” driven. In recent years we have broadened our operations to put greater focus on the promotion of the gas industry. In 2019 we launched The AGA Showroom, which is a platform where AGA members can showcase and sell their products. The AGA Showroom has grown rapidly and has become a highly successful marketing tool for the gas industry.

Now, to complement the AGA Showroom we have launched the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Scheme where Licensed gas fitters are able to enjoy the traffic and popularity of the AGA Showroom as well as join the AGA Community.

No additional hidden fees, no lead fees

“The trusted AGA mark has been in peoples homes for the best part of the 1900’s till today on their hotplates, barbecues, water heaters and every other gas domestic product!”

How it works


It’s quick and easy to apply simply by entering your licence number, entering details and scope of work, such as Type A or B, appliance servicing and/or installation etc


Once you have completed the registration application and paid the nominated fee, your application will be processed and if accepted you will be notified


When approved, you will now be listed on the AGA Showroom Gas Fitter Directory where customers can search for your business and also leave reviews


Being an AGA Listed Gas Fitter comes with the unique benefit of having a licence to use the AGAListingMark incorporating the AGA Logo


Now that you are part of the AGA Community you can use the AGAListingMark on your business cards, company issued clothing, vehicles and more!


While customers browse and buy products on the AGA Showroom, AGA Listed Gas Fitters will be promoted to them in their area!

No additional hidden fees, no lead fees

* The annual subscription fee covers one listing for one location on the AGA Listed Gas Fitter Directory. AGA Showroom users will be able to search by location which will display AGA Listed Gas Fitters at a set radius (will vary, but not less than 20km) from the location entered by the AGA Showroom customer. Multiple subscriptions are available if Gas Fitters would like to cover multiple locations.