Gas Product mark of quality and assurance – Always look for the AGA badge before buying a gas heater, a gas barbecue, a gas cooker, a gas water heater or any domestic gas product offered for sale in Australia!

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Where to Find and Buy Gas Products

The AGA Showroom is where suppliers showcase their gas products directly to the Australian community. Gas products listed hold current AGA Certifications as assessed independently by the Australian Gas Association. Some products are available for direct purchase through the Showroom. Otherwise find where to buy from the listing. Whether you are looking to buy a gas heater, a gas cooker, a gas water heater or a gas barbecue, go the AGA Showroom first and always check for the AGA Badge!

Independent AGA Certification

All gas appliances showcased on the AGA Showroom have passed the most comprehensive safety Standards. As a result, the Australian community can be assured to find the right and safe gas product for their needs. This includes AGA Certified domestic appliances such as gas cookers, gas water heaters, gas bbqs, camping and leisure gas products, gas heaters and more. In addition, the assessment of gas appliances includes energy star ratings where applicable. When AGA originally created the gas certification scheme in 1962, it was named the AGA gas approval scheme. Most importantly, the gas safety of appliances and their compliance is AGA's number one objective.

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Comprehensive AGA Testing

The AGA laboratory is based in Melbourne, Australia and incorporates the expertise and equipment to test any gas Product and component in accordance with Australian Standards. AGA has over 350 years collective experience and holds accreditation by NATA, one of world leading accreditation bodies worldwide. AGA's NATA scope of accreditation includes gas cookers, gas water heaters, gas space heaters, gas laundry dryers, gas refrigerators, gas ducted heaters, gas barbecues, gas patio heaters, camping gas products, gas commercial catering equipment, a whole range of gas components and controls and more. AGA's testing underpins its Certifications.

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